The AC Feud

The War of Currents - Jhun Martinez

The War of Currents

The right for one to be credited for the development of AC aren't very clear, and remain to be a controversial topic. This topic called "The War of Currents" and it involved three acclaimed men; Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla. Many may argue that Thomas Edison or George Westinghouse deserves the credit for AC. However, in my opinion, Nikola Tesla deserves the credit for AC.
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Round 1 goes to... TESLA

Tesla was more involved with AC. On the contrary, Thomas Edison was more fixed into DC and made no contributions to AC. Furthermore, AC is widely used in a variety of appliances today than DC, due to its advantages over DC. Therefore Tesla wins.
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And the winner of Round 2 is... TESLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

One may argue that the distribution of AC is enough to take the credit for AC; however, if Tesla did not introduce AC, then Westinghouse’s distribution of AC wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, Tesla deserves to be credited for AC than George Westinghouse.


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Nikola Tesla deserves to be credited for Alternating Current. Although some may argue that George Westinghouse or Thomas Edison deserves to be credited for AC, they were not the ones who introduced and created patents related to AC. Thomas Edison was not involved in the development of AC, he was more fixed into DC. On the other hand, George Westinghouse distributed AC and further expanded on it. However, Nikola Tesla was the one who introduced Alternating Current and created patents relating to AC such as the generator and transformer. Therefore, Nikola Tesla deserves to be credited for Alternating Current.