Order Of Operations


First Step

The first step to do while doing Order of Operations is to look at the Parentheses, inside the parentheses you might see addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. What ever is in the Parentheses you do first! Example: 1+8+(6-3)x 14 ÷ 2

Step 2

For step 2 look at the exponents, the exponents are the numbers with a littler number above it. You might need to add or subtract or multiply or divide the parentheses into the Exponents. You also break down the exponents.

Step 3

Step 3, is Multiplication Or division, which ever one comes first in right to left order. Example: 1+8+(6-3)x 14 ÷ 2

Step 4

The Last step to Order of operation problem is to Add or Subtract, like the multiplication or division step, you do what ever comes left to right

Example: 1+8+(6-3)x 14 ÷ 2

Find your answer!

Finally! To find your answer just follow these 4 easy steps!

Example: 1+8+(6-3)x 14 ÷2 = 30!