May Miracles



May 2nd:

- Prayer Night

- prayers for all ministries (including KM, EM, and Children's Ministry)

May 9th:

- Carnations for the Mothers!! :)

- We will be making about 150 carnations for Mothers' Day

- will also be a time of fellowship (Fellowship Night)


- Mother's Day

- Please show the appreciation they deserve on MAY 10TH!

Training and Missions Days

May 15th:

- come to church by 7:30 pm

- we will be praying with the EM for Mexico

May 16th:

- Mexico Training, Pastor Min will supply more info

- skit practice

May 23rd:

- Mexico!!!

- sleeping over at church on Friday

- come by 10:00 pm on Friday

-Departure from Church: 5 or 6 am

- Return: around 10:30 pm

May 30th:

- VBS Prep

*A reminder for all leaders: Don't be late on Saturdays and Sundays please!

*Pastor Min will be gone the first 2 weeks of June. Please pray for him, he will be in Korea.