The Titanic

The biggest ship in the world!

We will enjoy to have you as a passenger!

Youi have the opportunity to make a trip in the biggest ship in the world, THE TITANIC. The titanic is equipied with many fun activities, wonderfull and comfortable five star rooms. In this trip you are aimed to meet the highest standards of luxury. This trip will start in Southampton, UK on April 15, 1912, and end in New York City. We are equipied with the best crew there is. There will be 3 bufetes served in the course of the day with food prepared by the best chefs. You can enjoy of the fun activities that are everyday. Don't come alone! come with your family. Give your kids the best vacation they will have in their lifes! And even if you don't have kids, come and have fun in the cruise. There are activities for everyone. This ship is under the command of Edward smith. This ship has an on-board gimnasium, indoor pool, libraries, and high class restaurants. This ship is very safe. We want your safety.

The Titanic

Monday, April 15th 1912 at 4:15pm

Southampton, United Kingdom

Southampton, England

The captain

Meet captain edward! Edward John Smith was born on 27 January 1850 on Well Street, Hanley, Staffordshire, England. Edward put a lot of effort in this ship. This is not the first ship that the captain has commanded other ships. You are completely safe in his hands. He joined the white star line in march, 1880.

Captain edward comes from a wealthy family, and is a proffesional sailor&captain, and loves the ocean and his boats. In 1911 he assumed command position ant the RMS Olympic. He will be your captain at the wonderfull titanic. One of the evenings, you will be invited to a dinner with the captain.

Henry Tingle Wilde

Henry Tingle Wilde is the Cheif officer at the Titanic. He was born in Liverpool on September 21st, 1872. He begun his carrer at sailind and directing smaller boats. But as Our captain, he left the smaller boats behind and joined the White star line. He is second in command at the largest ship in the world, The Titanic. He and the rest of the crew will be eagerly waiting for you in April 15th, 1912 to join them at the Titanic! Henry has obtained various titles in the area of boating, and commanding. Thta is why he is second in charge. After captain Edward John Smith.

William McMaster Murdoch

William McMaster Murdoch was originally assigned to be cheif officer. he is now third in chargen right after Henry Tingle Wilde. As the Cpatain and the second in charge, He joined the white star line. He will be very pleased to have you join the cruise. He is a very good officer, and man. He gratuated from high school with high honors. He is one of the many highly cualified officers that will attend the Titanic. pleaso com tu the titanic. We all want you to come.

Mr. James Anderson

He was one of the deck officers. He was 40 years old. He was the fourth in chrge, with a few other men. He also joined the white star line, as most of the other deck crew members. HE was born in Newcastle, England. HE sighned to join the titanic deck crew on April 6, 1912. He is a higly cualified and professional sailor. He, as the other people, will be pleased to have you as a passenger. He is 40 years old. He loves the sea.

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By: Paula Salcedo