A Clan of Predators

African savanna

Hyenas are skilled hunters and hunt in packs. One technique is to have one hyena to be a diversion while the others move in for the kill. They offten target one animal at a time, like a Zebra because the success rate is a lot higher.

Physical appearance

The striped hyena is a medium sized carnivore with strong reseblence to a dog. It has a back sloping downwards towards the tail, and depending on the genes it might have stripes or spots. Its general color is pale grey or beige. It has a black patch on the throat and a short scruffy tail. They can be from 3 to 4 1/2 feet tall
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There are three species of Hyenas, there are over 10k mature adults and clans can grow up to 80 hyena's which is pretty big. They live about 27 years and thats really old for a Hyena.

Its not their fault

Like many animals Hyenas will eat and prey on livestock and the farmer's cheapest option is to kill them, and many do. Humans are the Hyena's main predator and they may not be the cutest animal you see on your safari but they are still poached. Hyenas are being forced out of their natural habitat and hunting grounds because of new agriculture, settlements and roads.

Plan of action and Protection laws

The African Wild Life Foundation is working with the communities to help build fences and livestock enclosures to ensure that the Hyenas cannot get to the Farmer's animals so they don't kill them. Hyenas biggest threat are humans so working with communities will help their population the most.

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