Ch.8 Dietary Guidelines

Dye'Shea Perry

What do Dietary Guidelines do for Americans?

  • Is the likelihood of developing health problems , such as heart disease diabetes and some cancers.
  • Is a eating plan.

How to maintain a healthy weight.

  • A condition that increases your chances of developing a problem
  • Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, arthritis.
  • Does not have much body fat as an energy reserve. People can also suffer from health problems.
  • Increasing physical activity and small decrease in food.

Importance of whole grain, fruits, vegetables and milk

  • Nutrient rich, cholesterol free, and naturally low on fats and calories..
  • Heart disease, cancer and other health problems.
  • Make whole grain products the star of your meals, and eat fruit instead of sugary desserts.

Be choosy about carbohydrates

  • Nutrients- -rich fruits and milk.
  • Candy and soft drinks.
  • It causes tooth decay.

Avoid alcohol

  • Drinking them can affect, or influence, your judgement, and that can lead to accidents and injuries.