The Four P's of Marketing

Product, Price, Place, Promotion


In a market every product have a brand and logo on it. The product also has to have a good design to it. So it would look appealing to it. Same with the packaging. No one likes a crappy packaging. Design means a lot to a product. Also, a product has to be in good condition/quality. If you were sell a broken product, chances are that person is not going to buy it again. be sure to sell a good Variety.


When a customer come into a store the only thing their really going to look at is the price. So to make it fair on them give them discounts! You will be doing them and you a favor by doing this. You will get more sales this way. Also, include bonuses so they get a little more for what they paid for. Working out payment plans is good thing to do to.


A really good way to get your product out there is by advertising. Like, putting a commercial up on TV. A lot of people watch TV these days so that would be a great idea. People constantly go on their E-Mails too so send them an Message by adding discounts to their E-Mail. If you can hand out brochures about your business. The more advertising, the more people know about it. Just don't spam.


Having a good place that looks appealing is good. It'll bring more customers. If your able to do delivery for your business that is good to do. People are willing to do that because they don't wanna get up and get it themselves. Or maybe they just live out of your state? Your able to get more money from doing this because of shipping and handling fee.