Ojibwa Tribe

by Hailey and weldon

Eastern woodlands

The Ojibwa tribe lived in the Northern United States{ Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan}and Southern Canada { Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan} .Their environment is woodlands and lakes.

There where two types of homes that they lived in there were villages of birch bark houses called wigwams.They also lived in large buffalo-hide tents called tipis .

Farming,Harvesting, and hunting

The Ojibwa were major farmers. Their main crops include wild rice , corn, and also gathered nuts and fruits. They fished and hunted buffalo. Buffalo were very important to them , because they relied on the buffalo for their every need.


In the Ojibwa tribe there are different chiefs such as the Tribal chief he is in charge of the tribe , the War chief he is in charge of the wars and the wars that could occur. The peace chief is in charge of peace and trying to not get in a war,and the hereditary chief.

Gods and Religion

This tribe believed in beings and forces such as sun, moon, four winds, thunder, and lighting . Some believed in Kiccimanito, or Great Spirit. The most important religious ceremony for the Southeastern Ojibwa and the Southwestern Chippewa was the Midewiwin, or Medicine Dance, of the Medicine Lodge Society. Someone from the tribe will receive more spiritual power then everyone else.

Tools and Wepons

Since the Ojibwa were hunters and fishers,they have a lot of tools. A few of there hunting tools are spears, bows and arrows, and guns in the 1700 from the French. Some of the fishing tools include hooks, string, and nets.

Enemies and Allies

The Ojibwa tribes enemies are the Sioux and the Iroquois. When the French gave us guns. we won most of the battles Against these people. They were friends with the French

family life

Ojibwa family's lived like most other tribes. The dad would hunt and protect the family . The mom would cook and harvest the garden. The son would help with the hunting, and the girl would help with cleaning and cooking