Promote Active Learning

By Using Technology Tools

Session Descriptor

Learn how to integrate free tools that actively engage students and place accountability

on students for their own learning. These strategies personalize instruction, allow

students to learn at their own pace, and help teachers gain vital instructional time for

application of learning.


  • Define personalized and blended learning and how they relate.
  • Evaluate Blended Learning resources that will engage students and add accountability.

Success Criteria

  • I can explain the basic components of personalized learning.
  • I can explain how blended learning plays a role in personalizing learning.
  • I can create content and add accountability in the tools reviewed.

Task 1: Bellwork

Task 2: Formative Assessment


56 20 4

Task 3: Station Rotation Using Kessler Model

Task 4: Brain Break

Task 5: Station Model Options and Strategies

Task 6: Tech and Take (Make Your Own Station)

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