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Ask the right questions: Should UK and Europe’s top management rethink datacenter Investments?

In light of recent attacks on a French TV station, the U.S.-based Sony pictures, and other companies around the world, IT managers in the UK and Europe met recently to examine what infrastructure projects should be top priority with UK datacenters and datacenters elsewhere. IT professionals are concerned about data security and protecting UK citizen’s privacy, as well as having to call data recovery specialists in the UK to perform external hard drive recovery should datacenter computers ever be under attack.

What concerns are IT managers worried about the most? Top concerns on the list were datacenter consolidation issues at 29 Perth., followed by compliance issues at 31 Perth., and mobility at 41 Perth. Infrastructure is a concern, give cyber hackers new method of using malware as a service to infect company machines. It may be hard for companies that do not prepare properly for these attacks to simply call data recovery specialists in the UK and have them perform hard drive recovery in the UK. The reason is because these cyber criminals today are not just stealing information, they are also doing their best to destroy companies whose security measures are not keeping pace with newer cyber breach methods and are not installing the latest security patches to protect from these dangerous attacks.

Is investing in a cloud system enough to keep data centre information Safe?

Some company professionals have suggested UK and European companies move their operations to a cloud, to keep sensitive information from hackers. Some IT managers are questioning the safety of their own data centres. However, will move all information to a cloud really keep a UK company in the future from needing external hard drive recovery or hard drive recovery UK from highly trained data recovery specialists UK?

Many high-ranking CIO, COOs, and others have proposed integrating operations in a cloud where it is easy for a business to have all their data stored across a single platform, instead of multiple locations, making it slower to access and possibly opening the door to being easier to hack. However, are these same UK and European companies being smart about using the money they are prepared to allot to data centre infrastructures?

Are clouds gateways to allowing hackers easy access to all sensitive Information?

Is it safe for UK companies to consolidate all their operations with a single-click, in a cloud environment? Research has shown that clouds are not impervious to being hacked and having sensitive information stolen, though information may be harder for cyber criminals to access. Will this truly keep UK Company’s data safe? To be on the safe side, UK companies should keep sensitive data at off-site locations. If data in a cloud is hacked and lost, UK and European companies will easily be able to perform hard drive recovery in the UK or external hard drive recovery. Even if they must call data recovery specialists in the UK to retrieve data from an off-site location, this may save a company from losing data and also possibly being under the control and mercy of hackers who do not want to just take data, but to cripple UK companies.

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