Excretory System

Explaining what is in the excretory system

Function of the Excretory System

The excretory system is talked about when dealing with the wastes of the human body.

There are many different parts to the excretory system

Definition of Excretion

The definition of excretion is to get rid of or to put out.

Excretory system disorders

Nephritis- inflammation of both of the kidneys or one.

Some symptoms may include- smelly urine, pain in lower abdomen, and blood in urine

Antibiotics and steroids are treatment options.

Excretory system disorders

Kidney stones- small sized deposits of calcium and can be in the nephrons.

Symptoms- vomiting or nausea, painful urination, frequent urination, fever or chills, bloody or smelly urine, and strong sharp pains in your back.

Treatments- Reduced size of stones to pass out of body without surgery

Skeletal System

Function- Form a solid framework that supports bodies organs and muscles

Bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves

Bones are the protective framework of the body.

Muscles help move the other parts of the body.

Tendons are what connects muscles to bones.

Ligaments surround each other and form joints.

Nerves transmit signals all throughout the body.

Skeletal system disorders.

Arthritis- swelling and stiffness of the joints

symptoms- redness and joint swelling

you can take medication to decrease swelling

Bone cancer- Cancer in the bones

symptoms- pain, swelling, fractures.


Skeletal pic