CelebrateHAMILTON 2013

Program of AHA Society Events, July 11-14th

The Second Annual CelebrateHAMILTON Program

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society is hosting a full series of events in New York City and Northern New Jersey over a period of four days. Don't miss out on some great events, including author talks, guided tours, and special exhibits with Hamilton artifacts. Scroll down to learn about all of our public events.

Why July 11th-14th? July 11th was the date that the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton took place, from which Hamilton received a fatal bullet wound. Hamilton passed away the following day on July 12th. We use these days to not only honor his passing, but also to remember his life and achievements.

Note: All events are free unless otherwise noted. Some events require registration to guarantee seats. Event information is subject to change - check back on our flyer periodically for updates.

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Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Agenda for Thursday

6-8 AM - Hamilton Fun Run through Manhattan

12-1 PM - Hamilton Park, Weehawken, New Jersey

5:30-7 PM - Museum of American Finance, Lower Manhattan

See details for each event listed below.

10th Annual Hamilton Fun Run

Thursday, July 11th 2013 at 6-8am

74 Trinity Place

New York, NY

We're partnering up with InShape Fitness in New York City for their 10th Annual Hamilton Fun Run through Manhattan. The runners will meet by Alexander Hamilton's grave in Trinity Church at 6 am and run the nine miles up through Manhattan (with a stop at Hamilton's statue in Central Park), ending at Hamilton Grange.

The AHA Society will be waiting at Hamilton Grange to welcome the runners at the end of their run with some Alexander Hamilton goodies. Grab your running shoes and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hamilton Fun Run with us!

Get Hamilton Fun Run route details.

Join the Facebook event for the Hamilton Fun Run.

Duel Remembrance in Weehawken, NJ

Thursday, July 11th 2013 at 12-1pm

Hamilton Park, Weehawken, NJ

Weehawken, NJ

We will be gathering in Hamilton Park to commemorate the duel that took place between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton on this day 209 years ago. Join us to hear eyewitness accounts of the duel as we overlook its original location on the shores of New Jersey, then follow us up to the Hamilton bust on Hamilton Ave.

Meeting location: Hamilton Park

Meeting location in case of rain: VFW building

309 Park Ave, Weehawken, NJ

(call 727-709-3032 for confirmation)

Hamilton vs. Jefferson Debate at the Museum of American Finance

Thursday, July 11th 2013 at 5:30-7pm

48 Wall Street

New York, NY

National Hamilton Scholar Dr. William G. Chrystal will become Alexander Hamilton for the evening to both entertain and educate attendees in a "debate" with Thomas Jefferson. After the presentation, a Q&A session will be held, followed by a reception.

The event is co-hosted by the Museum of American Finance. Today the Museum of American Finance is housed in the Bank of New York building, a bank which was founded by Alexander Hamilton.

Note: The event is free, but registration is requested. To register for this event, visit the Museum of American Finance website.

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Agenda for Friday

10 AM - Alexander Hamilton US Custom House

1 PM - Trinity Church

3 PM - Butler Library, Columbia University

See details for each event listed below.

Tour of the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House

Friday, July 12th 2013 at 10am

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, Manhattan, NY


Meet for a guided tour of the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House. The building, with its stunning beaux-arts architecture dating back to 1907, stands on the site of Ft. George, where Hamilton once fought. Today the building houses the National Archives at New York City and the New York Branch of the Museum of the American Indian. Don't miss out on our special access tour to see an original document signed by both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

Learn more about the tour highlights here.

Meeting location: Outside the building's north entrance (looking out onto Bowling Green Park), to the right of the entry staircase.

Remembrance Service and Author Talk at Trinity Church

Friday, July 12th 2013 at 1-2:15pm

74 Trinity Place

New York, NY

We will first meet beside Alexander Hamilton's grave in the Trinity churchyard for a brief remembrance service. Feel free to join us in bringing flowers to leave at the Hamilton grave during our time outside.

Afterwards, we will head inside Trinity Church to hear our keynote speaker Thomas Fleming, celebrated author and historian, speak on "Alexander Hamilton: Realist and Visionary."

Event details.

Exhibit: "Alexander Hamilton - Visionary and Founder" at Columbia University

Friday, July 12th 2013 at 3pm

535 West 114th Street

New York, NY

Don't miss a personalized tour of a Hamilton exhibit at Butler Library at Columbia University. This exhibit has been specially planned in conjunction with CelebrateHAMILTON and will feature original Hamilton documents and artifacts. Stop by between 3:00 and 4:45 for a guided visit by our AHA Society curator. A very special event!

Exhibit Information:

July 10th – August 30th, 2013

An exhibition of manuscripts, printed works, and artifacts from the collections of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University, developed in collaboration with The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society.

On view at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Butler Library, 6th Floor East, Columbia University

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am – 4:45pm

NOTE! Visitors need to present a government-issued photo ID to gain access to the exhibition.

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Agenda for Saturday

10 AM-12 PM - Hamilton Grange, Northern Manhattan

12:30-1:30 PM - Morris-Jumel Mansion, Northern Manhattan

2:30-5:30 PM - Paterson, New Jersey

See details for each event listed below.

Hamilton Grange Visit and Presentation

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 10am-12pm

414 Hamilton Terrace

New York, NYC

Join us at Alexander Hamilton's home, The Grange, where AHA Society Founder Rand Scholet will be giving his presentation on "America's Indispensable Founder." Other activities planned for the day include house tours and a reenactment reading of the final letters exchanged between Burr and Hamilton.

Events Schedule:

10:00 AM - National Park Rangers read the letters sent between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr that led up to the duel. See flyer

11:00 AM - Rand Scholet presents "America's Indispensable Founder"

Burr-Hamilton "Verbal Duel" at Morris-Jumel Mansion

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 12:30-1:30pm

65 Jumel Terrace

New York, NY

Historians representing both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr verbally duel each other in the Morris-Jumel Mansion - a home both Hamilton and Burr either visited or lived in.

Hamilton Highlights in Paterson, New Jersey

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 2:30-5:30pm

72 McBride Ave

Paterson, NJ

The AHA Society visits Paterson, New Jersey, where Alexander Hamilton helped to establish the first planned manufacturing city in the United States. Activities planned include a tour of the Great Falls and Mill Mile, plus a visit and scholarly talk at the Paterson Museum.

2:30-4 PM - Great Falls Overlook, Mill Mile Audio App Tour, and Paterson Museum Highlights

4 PM - Scholar talk at Paterson Museum by Dr. William G. Chrystal, "Manufacturing: American Independence"

2:30 Meeting location: Alexander Hamilton statue at the Great Falls Overlook

Note: If you have a smart phone, download the free app called "Mill Mile-Paterson Nat'l Park" before the event. It is a stunning app! Get it now from Google Play.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Agenda for Sunday

Morristown, New Jersey

1 PM - Morristown Green

2 PM - Schuyler-Hamilton House

3 PM - Ford Mansion

4 PM - Washington's Headquarters Museum

See details for each event listed below.

'Love and War' in Morristown, New Jersey

Sunday, July 14th 2013 at 1-5pm

Morristown Green, Morristown, NJ

Morristown, NJ

The AHA Society celebrates the importance of Morristown as a winter headquarters during the Revolutionary War with a full day of activities. Join us as 'Alexander Hamilton' himself guides us through his old haunts in the heart of Morristown. Hamilton is portrayed by scholar/author/performer Dr. William G. Chrystal. Come for one or all of the events!


1 PM - "Alexander Hamilton" speaks inside the Presbyterian Church in Morristown (57 East Park Place) about his time working at Washington's Headquarters at Arnold Tavern at the Morristown Green. After, visit sites around the Green, including the location of Arnold Tavern and the Hamilton, Washington, & Lafayette statues.

2 PM - Visit to the Schuyler-Hamilton House, where Alexander Hamilton courted his future wife, Elizabeth Schuyler.

3 PM - Visit to Ford Mansion, where George Washington and his staff (including Alexander Hamilton) were headquartered for the winter of 1779-1780. Also, inside the Headquarters Museum, we will see a couch that originally belonged to Alexander Hamilton in his home, “The Grange”.

4 PM - Talk on "Washington's Indispensable Founder" by Rand Scholet inside the Washington's Headquarters Museum.

Additional AHA Society Events

Hamilton on the Hudson

Join The AHA Society in the Hudson River Valley area of upstate New York for a special program called Hamilton on the Hudson on July 26-28th, 2013.

Hamilton on the Hudson marks the 225th anniversary of New York's Ratification of the US Constitution. Our program celebrates Alexander Hamilton's leading efforts during the convention to get the Constitution ratified. Events take place near the location of the Ratification Convention in Poughkeepsie, New York and other important Hamilton spots in the Hudson River Valley area.

Learn more about the events.

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