Main Idea Homework Baggies

students will be creating main idea bags


During reading class, students have been learning that the main idea is what the paragraph or text is mostly about. The other sentences are details that support the main idea.

Students will be creating a Main Idea bag. They have seen several examples in class.

What To Do:

Students have been given a Ziploc baggie and a notecard.

1. They are to place 3-4 **pictures with a common theme (the details) in the baggie.

**Baggies & pictures will NOT be returned to you!

2. They are to write a main idea sentence for their bag on one side AND their name on the other side of the note card.

3. Place the note card inside the baggie and bring to school on Monday!

Ideas YOU can't use but might inspire you...

  • There are many things that are yellow.
  • People eat food from McDonalds.
  • Some animals are pets.
  • Special tools are used to go fishing.