Midi for Kids Final "Informance"

Everyone's invited!

Bring your family!

Our final Midi for Kids guitar class will take place on Thursday, May 21st. This will include all of our guitar students, regardless of typical class time.

We will be showing off many of the things we have learned this year. Rather than a typical "recital," where students each play their own piece, we will be performing several class songs for you.

Feel free to bring along snacks or drinks, if you'd like :-)

We will try to begin at about 3:15, and will likely go until about 3:45 or so. I hope you can make it!


Midi for Kids Guitar Informance

Thursday, May 21st, 3:15-3:45pm

2850 Paloma Lake Boulevard

Round Rock, TX

Performance Pieces May include:

  • Spider Speedway - Mia, Miles
  • Tough Break - Drew, Mia
  • E B Jeeby Blues - Isis, Tucker
  • Flamenco Nino - Miles, Drew
  • Honky Tonk Training Blues - Isis, Drew, Miles
  • Circling the Sun - Tucker, Isis
  • Arpeggio Mountain
  • Get Up!
  • Esbozo Duet
  • Walk and Roll
  • Fujita Rock
  • Oyasumi
  • Walk and Rest

If you need a copy of the Midi for Kids book for practicing, please either visit midiforkids.com, or click the button below.