Team P.B.R. Newletter

December 2014

What's happening

Wow can you believe 2013 has came and gone. Now it's time to break out the Spring 2014 Thirty One catalog. Who's excited? I know I am. Not only is it a brand new catalog, with lots of beautiful prints, and new items, we also have DOUBLE HOSTESS FREE for any party $600 or more. WOW.... I just booked my own Thirty One party and mailed invitations to my guest. There is lots in the new catalog I want so I decided to be one of the lucky hostess and get double FREE, you can to. In fact I urge you to host your own Thirty One party this month ASAP, so you can reap those fabulous rewards and book some parties at your party. Plus don't forget about this months awesome special, let's help our friends, family and hostess get their lives organized in style. Let's make 2014 your best year yet and get your business off and running.

Don't forget to register for the February 2014 C&C meeting (Celebrate and Connect), you won't want to miss it. Have questions about what this is, or need help finding a meeting, let me know. But you better hurry before registration closes. Not sure if you can make the meeting? Register anyway just in case you can attend. Early registration closes Jan.9th

So have you seen how easy it is to earn your ticket to the biggest party of the year???? National Conference 2014 is coming soon. There will be 2 conference this year. National Conference 2011 is what changed my business from being a hobby to wanting this to be my career. The same thing could happen to YOU... Check out TOT ( for all of the details and get a plan. Need someone to hold you accountable to those plans??? Email me your goals for 2014, your plans to earn Nation Conference for FREE and I will help you keep those goals and push you to get there, cause I believe in YOU and know YOU can do THIS....

How is 2014 going to be different? Well I am going to be more engaged in you and your business. You will be receiving more emails, more Celebrating Encouraging and Rewarding, plus more contact from me, personal calls, text etc. We are going to work together and make this your year.

Do you have Spring 2014 Catalogs? I have a challenge for everyone on TEAM PBR to submit at least 1 party in January. If everyone submits at least 1 party, I will put you in a drawing for 1 of 4 $25 Gift Cards of your choice. So get busy now and make it happen.

Want extra training???? Check out and listen to 31 minute calls, take notes and make it happen.

Top in Recruits for December 2013...

Woohoo Mary Payne- 1 recruit. Congrats Mary.

Ladies we need to be recruiting and growing our teams. I challenge each of you to offer the wonderful Thirty One business Opportunity to 5 people you know. We all know right after the holidays we need extra income, so reach out to those you think will be good at this business, those who need some extra money, or those who simply just like our product. Are you afraid on what to do once they sign up? Please don't be I will work with them the same as I am here for you. Not sure how to ask, how to offer or what to say. Contact me I will help. You can do this.

Look at Team P.B.R's Top Party Girls for Dec.

Mary Payne-3 Parties....That's my girl.....

Lauren Justus, Deeana Bennett and Jessica Moody- 2 Parties. Way to go girls.

EVERYONE MATTERS....Congrats to the following who had sales in Dec. YOU ROCK....

Cari Read, Heidi Guajardo, Jennifer Suttles, Susan Burgin, Jessica Moody. Lauren Justus, Elzabeth Childs, Mercedes Rhodes, Heather Delaney, Savannah Pitcock, Angela Dennis, Melissa Henderson, Danielle Ortiz, Stephanie McCarson, Cherly Reinhard, Sabrina Burkett, Bridgette Justus, Nicole Horney, Shana Mathis, Michelle Roark, Kathy Aytes, Amy Harriger, Michelle Huntly, Mary Haskins, Deeana Bennett, Carrie Fuchs, Abbie Norris, Jenn Wolfe, Mary Payne, TJ Eudy, Philana Griffin, Shelly Vogler