Online Tools to Enhance your Class


Thank you for exploring online tools today!

This Smore is a collection of resources that hopefully will help you as you explore online tools with candidates. The possibilities are endless! Choose one and start to PLAY!

Below is a link to the presentation today as well as links to the tools and support materials.

If you want to create your own survey go to


Whether you use the tools to communicate content with candidates or have candidates share their understanding, the following tools are great places to start.

Don't forget that we used today (please note it won't work with Internet Explorer)!


Collect the ideas of the group and co-construct your knowledge collectively using idea boards like (formerly wallwisher) or the google docs suite.

Check out this fun clip for a quick model.



With all the great stuff online, sometimes there is a need to collect and put together a selection to focus attention, choose the best or summarize learning. This smore is one tool that you can use but don't forget to check out as well.