Go With The Flow

By: Ava Blackburn


The different organisms depend on each other for survival. It starts with producers, then primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and lastly decomposers. But every living thing needs sunlight and oxygen to survive. Scientist’s came up with a way to illustrate the interaction between predator and prey. This is called a food chain.

The first and most important organism is the producer, and in our case grass. The producer takes sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create glucose, their own food, the plants also release oxygen which living organisms need to survive. After the plant grows the primary consumers take action.

The second most important organisms are the primary consumers. The primary consumers are the consumers that eat only the producers, so their herbivores. The grasses energy is passed on to the rabbit and grasshopper. Because they are the only organisms that directly eat the producer.

The next energy conversion that happens includes the secondary consumers. The secondary consumers are omnivores, or carnivores since they hunt and kill other organisms. These organisms are in the middle of the food chain they have prey and predators’. After the rabbit and the grasshopper eat the grass two more organisms come along to eat them. The mouse or spider will eat the grass hopper, and the snake will eat the rabbit. These were the first secondary consumers that directly eat the primary consumers. After these a few more energy transformations happen. The snake will also eat the mouse and the frog. The raccoon will then eat the snake; the fox will eat the raccoon. This will continue until you get to the top of the food chain.

There is one last level when It comes to food chains and webs. The tertiary consumers. These are at the top of the food chain. They can’t be eaten by any other animal other than humans that may hunt the tertiary consumer. In our food chain the mountain Lion is the tertiary consumer because it eats the fox.

The last part of our food chain is the decomposers. Decomposers eat the organisms after they die. Decomposers can be anything from bacteria, to worms, or mushrooms. Decomposers break down the minerals in the organisms and put them back into the earth. Starting the cycle all over again. For the plants to take the minerals and create their food.

Every living thing depends on something in order to survive. Whether it be sunlight, oxygen, or other organisms. Everything depends on the other. In ways we might not even know yet, but everything in the end circles back together.

Food Pyramid!

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Food Chain!

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