"The Tundra Life"

By: Arian Alhosseini

There once was a narwhal. He had two friends: the walrus and the seal. They were hanging out one day in Antarctica, when all of a sudden, a T-Rex came out of no where! All the animals ran away but the seal stood there. Then, the T-Rex said," Wait, don't run away from me. I want to be friends with you." Then the seal called his two friends on his phone. They both came back and had a group hug. They were walking on the snow and out of the blue, the T-Rex falls on the narwhal, and eats him, falls on the walrus, and eats him, and finally falls on the seal, and eats him! The T-Rex tricked them! Lastly, when the T-Rex was walking he slipped on the ice and fell in the ocean and drowned!

Theme: Moral or Life Lesson:

Don't trust anyone!!
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