Issues Related to Immigration

By Rae Asay

Struggles for Immigrant Students

Immigrant students face a plethora of problems when it comes to education in a new country. Some problems are: linguistic and cultural differences, struggling with the new language, and a completely new pedagogy. Sometimes children have sentiments related to their home country and don't even have the motivation to learn the language. They also feel the pressure of living in two different cultures, one at home and one at school.


  • Worldwide, there is an estimated 191 million immigrants
  • The last 50 years has seen an almost doubling of immigration
  • 115 million immigrants live in developed countries
  • 20% (approximately 38 million) live in the US alone, making up 13% of its population
  • 33% of all immigrants live in Europe
  • 75% live in just 28 countries
  • Women constitute approximately half of all migrants at around 95 million
  • Between 1990 and 2005
    • There were 36 million migrations (an average of approximately 2.4 million per year)
    • 33 million wound up in industrialized countries
    • 75% of the increases occurred in just 17 countries
    • Immigration decreased in 72 countries in the same period