Zachary Ybarra

About Me

Caring, selfless, lazy (according to my dad), introvertive; these are words that are often used to describe Zachary Ybarra. There is more to me that this pallet of words but the list goes on and on. I have many hobbies including drumming--my dad and I are in the midst of creating our band--I am starting to get more and more into woodworking as another one of my hobbies. I also tend to do a couple scale models with my friends. I love to cook, I love to snowboard, I love my family, I love my two dogs Winston and Gordon, I love all animal's, except for fish, which brings me to loving fishing. I have helped my dad take apart and completely rebuild four cars which helps with my knack for taking apart and reassembling things. Ever since I was a child, I have had an obsession with taking things apart and putting them back together... And somehow I feel that explains who I am. I know there's way more about me and you could probably guess so too, but this just about sums everything up.