Kindergarten Kreations




We have started our Fiction Unit. We are discussing how fiction books have Characters, Problems and Solutions. We are also discovering that fiction books are usually written in sequential order (first, next, then and finally). We are practicing our retelling skills using these story elements.

Close Reading

How would you describe close reading? How would you define it?

Dr. Douglas Fisher:

A close reading is a careful and purposeful reading. Well actually, it’s rereading. It’s a careful and purposeful rereading of a text. It’s an encounter with the text where students really focus on what the author had to say, what the author’s purpose was, what the words mean, and what the structure of the text tells us.

In a close reading, we have to have students reread the text. We give them questions; text dependent questions that require that they go back into the text and search for answers. These aren’t simply recall questions, just the facts of the text, but rather questions that allow students to think about the text, and the author’s purpose, the structure, and the flow of the text.

Close reading requires that students actually think and understand what they are reading.

Kindergartners are Close Reading

These past few weeks we have been close reading non-fiction texts to learn and discuss the Life Cycle of Trees and Seeds. It is really exciting and fun to see these little kiddos actually talking about science and using big words from a text. For example: we learned about germination, pollination, seedlings, etc.
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Reader's Workshop

We are fully into Reader's Workshop and Guided Reading. You should be seeing your child's "guided reading" book coming home. Please have your child read it to you at least 3 times and return it to school the next day so we can work on it again in group and I can give your child a new book. While I work with kiddos during guided reading, the others are working on reading and word work.


Letter Name, Sounds, and Writing

We are continuing to practice our letter names and sounds. Please continue to work with your child at home. Also, please practice writing the letters. We practice at school, but the more your child writes the letters, the quicker it will become automatic.



We have been working on telling and writing narratives during writer's workshop. Narratives are just like our fiction stories we are reading; they have characters, settings and are told in sequential order.


Numbers 0-10

We have been working on counting, drawing and using materials to show numbers and quantities to 10. We are practicing our one-to-one matching and counting to show that the last number counted is the total amount.

Number Walk Projects

We have been sharing them! The kiddos love it!


Letter Names and Sounds Assessments

I will be assessing each child starting next week to see how we are doing mid-quarter. I will send these home soon.

Sight Word Assessment

I will begin assessing sight words. This will not go on the report card for the first quarter, but it will be information for both me and you. I will send this home soon.