Tragic Diving Accident

"That which he rests in his final adventure forever" -Anonymous

Early in the morning on August 22 last year a young man named John Campbell who was on vacation decided to go explore the barrier reef of the Andros Island. A friend that John had made while staying at a resort came forward after the accident. The friend said that he had done an extensive amount of research on scuba diving but confessed that he had never actually done it. The friend said he went and bought his own scuba gear and rented a boat by himself. He stressed that this was something that he wanted to do alone. It turns out that John had cancer. His lungs were failing and he had only been given several months to live. His family said that all of his life he had loved the water. When nobody heard back from John for two days the friend called the water rescue team. After a few hours of searching John's body was found. They determined that John had dove too deep and his lungs collapsed. Being an inexperienced diver it would have been easy for John to have not been familiar with the signs his body was giving him. However sad his passing was it eases his families mind to know that he spent his final moments doing the thing he had always said he was going to do.

Scuba Safety Tips

1. Always check your gear

2. Plan your dive and follow it

3. Never hold your breath

4. Make sure you are 100% healthy

5. Always use the buddy system