Bobcat Nation Newsletter

January/February 2021

Dates for the next in-person learning transition are:

  • Monday, Feb. 1 – No school for elementary and middle school students. Half building-based professional learning and half teacher planning day.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 2 – Elementary and middle schools transition to five days in-person per week

  • The Remote Learning Program will remain an option for students who wish to continue learning full-time from home during second semester.

  • One change permitted for the quarter.

Any student currently enrolled in Remote Learning Everyday will remain remote unless the parent/guardian notifies the school.

If you need help logging in, please call the school right away at 531-299-1100 and we are happy to assist!

For our students attending face-to-face, please be reminded of a few things so that we can help keep everyone safe and ready to learn:

  • Wear face coverings and maintain social distancing
  • Bring your iPad and charger daily
  • Self monitor for symptoms and if you or a family member is ill, remain home so you can remain healthy
  • Breakfast begins at 8:35. Please do not drop off students prior to 8:35 because there will not be staff on duty.
  • Remote Learners log on for their class Morning Meeting everyday at 8:50 AM
  • Remember to call the school at 531-299-1100 if you are going to be absent from school or Remote Learning
  • All remote learning at-home agendas are posted on our school website:

Grab and Go Breakfast

All Omaha Public Elementary Schools have the “Grab and Go” model of breakfast. Please drop students off at the front of the building. Students will be greeted by staff to escort them to the northwest doors for breakfast at 8:35. Students will enter the cafeteria at 8:35 AM, choose a hot or cold breakfast. A bell will ring inside the building for those students to go to their classroom to eat their breakfast. Therefore, students should NOT be dropped off before 8:30 AM if they are eating breakfast. Students not eating breakfast should be dropped off any time after 8:35 AM. There will not be supervision before 8:30 AM.

Dismissal Procedures

Please review our dismissal procedures to ensure safety of all our staff and students. It will mean that families with multiple children will need to create a meeting point for their children at dismissal (We recommended the older siblings walk to the younger sibling’s dismissal location and wait for a parent pick up there and/or begin walking home with their sibling). Again, safety is our number one priority.

Dismissing Students Safely

We will follow the procedure below for dismissal.

· 3:55 PM: Bus students and daycare students will be picked up from classrooms.

· 3:55 PM: CLC students will be picked up from classroom by CLC staff.

· 4:00 PM: 1st will dismiss to Door #1 (Main entry door on North side of building).

· 4:00 PM: 2nd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:00 PM: 5th will dismiss out the East entrance.

· 4:00 PM: 2nd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:05 PM: 3rd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:05 PM KDG will dismiss to Door #1 (Main entry door on North side of building).

· 4:05 PM: 4th will dismiss out the East entrance.

Additional Safety Information

How are we preparing to Social Distance in the hallways?

1. All hallways will be one-way. The school will rotate "counter clockwise". There are arrows in the floor showing what directions students and classes should go.

2. Most specials will be in the classroom. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of hallway transitions and extra areas to disinfect for our custodians.

3. Grade levels will have assigned times to recess. Classes have always had an assigned area for lunch/recess and will follow that schedule for the week. This will allow us to properly social distance and still enjoy recess. We will not be utilizing the main playground or universal playground equipment at this time.

Visitors in the Building

As presented to the Board of Education on July 13, 2020, there will be no visitors in the building at this time. This would include all school volunteers. All meetings will be scheduled virtually. If meetings must be held at school or if you are picking early or dropping off late, please adhere to the following protocol.

1. Wear a mask to enter the building

2. Handwashing and/or hand sanitizing once entering the office.

3. Social distancing while in the building.

Kindergarten Round Up

In order to be eligible, your child must turn 5 years old on or before 7/31/2021. There will be no in person Roundups this year. Enrollments will be completed on line from January 4 through January 29. Visit the OPS Placement home page at and click on TAB that says Enrollment (New to OPS). On the next page, option #1 will direct you to a link to the on line enrollment. Be sure to choose the Kindergarten Roundup option when prompted. If you have questions or need assistance with the application, please contact your neighborhood elementary school. You can find that school by visiting and entering your address. Be sure to complete your application between January 4 and January 29.

School Selection 2021-2022

During the Month of January 2021, families will have an online opportunity to submit their school choice requests for the 2021-22 school year. Beginning January 8, 2021 and ending January 29, 2021 ... parents/guardians will be able to log-in to their Infinite Campus Parent Portal and make their requests (up to 3 choices). If you have not created a Portal account yet, please do so immediately at the link below.....

PARENT PORTAL click here to create your account and be ready for January 8 !!!

Click here if you have questions concerning the OPS Student Assignment Plan and to find out your neighborhood school.

Attention All 5th Graders and Family Members

It is time to complete the Middle School Selection Process! This week, forms were sent out to complete. If your student is a 3/2 Family Model student, they received a pink form going over the process. If your student is 100% Remote student. you will receive an email with an electronic version of the form.

Please read through all the information in the email or on the form as it goes through partner zones, transportation options, and the priorities for selection.

This is due January 29th. If you do not complete the form, you will be enrolled in your neighborhood school automatically. To find your neighborhood school, please click on the following link and fill out your home address:

Although open houses have already been completed, you can still find valuable information on individual school's websites or at the following link:

Questions concerning this process can be directed to the Student Placement Office: 531-299-0302