MJPS Stage 2

Term 3 2014

Welcome back to Maroubra Junction PS for another term. We are looking forward to working closely with students, parents and our community in ensuring improved student outcomes for all.
All enquiries about student progress should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Stage Dates

Jeans for Genes Day - Wednesday 30 July

Science show - Friday 1 August

Author Talk - Tuesday 5 August

Zone Athletics Carnival - Fridays 8 and 15 August

Showcase - Tuesday 19 August

Book week Parade - Tuesday 19 August

Crazy Hair Day - Wednesday 20 August

Mufti Day - Wednesday 17 September

Father's Day BBQ - Friday 5 September

For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter

Term 3 Staffing

Class Teachers

3C - Miss Allira Carlon

3P - Miss Elizabeth Tulip

3V - Mrs Angela Varvaressos

3W - Mr Bradley Wiblen

4F - Mr Michael Fitzsimmons

4G - Ms Alyssa Glenn

4H - Ms Winnie Ho

Assistant Principal

Ms Winnie Ho (Relieving)

Support Staff

Mrs Sue Mirow - Library

Mrs Sue Ellenden - EAL/D

Mrs Julie Smith - Learning Support

Ms Mary Stamatellis - Greek Language

Ms Hongjin Wu - Chinese Language



Monday - 4G

Tuesday - 3C, 3V

Wednesday - 3W, 3P, 4F

Thursday - 4H

Dance 2B Fit:

All Stage 2 classes are scheduled on Thursday. Students should wear their sports uniform.

Key Learning Areas


In reading, Stage 2 students will continue to focus on applying the Super Six comprehension strategies. These include: Monitoring, Questioning, Predicting, Making Connections, Visualising and Summarising. Students will integrate a range of skills and strategies efficiently when reading, interpreting, analysing and evaluating quality texts and visual images. They will learn to identify literal information in texts and make inferences, integrate and link ideas, and ask questions to clarify understandings. Students will explore the structural and grammatical features and purposes for a range of texts.

Students will focus on instructional writing that informs and explains. Year 3 writing will focus on topics relating to the integrated unit Melting Moments. Year 4 students will focus on informing and explaining features of the planets and related topics to the integrated unit Solar System. Students will continue to develop their skills in drafting, proofreading and editing their writing to achieve intended purposes.


Students will continue to develop their skills and understanding of whole numbers, addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Students will continue to learn concepts on data, position, length, patterns and algebra, chance, space and geometry, time, fractions and decimals. Working mathematically and problem solving strategies are embedded in the learning across all strands. Students will continue to attend Number Groups to gain the specific understanding and skills that they need. A reminder that these groups are fluid and students are monitored regularly.


For Year 3, the integrated unit of work is Melting Moments which links science and literacy. Students will be learning and exploring how solids or liquids are influenced by temperature, while experiencing the way items from their everyday lives can change. Through hands-on investigations, students investigate how the size of the pieces affects the melting time of chocolate. In support of this unit of work, students will see how chocolate and bread are made in class. For Year 4, the integrated unit of work is The Solar System which links science, maths and literacy. It provides opportunities for students to observe, investigate and model the elements of our Solar System through hands-on activities.


Year 3 students will use powerpoint to produce and present their research on the water cycle. Year 4 students will present their research of their chosen planet using power point, publisher and Word. Stage 2 students will have opportunities to explore and use the different ipads apps, such as popplet and explain everything, to support their learning.


As part of the PE program, students will participate in Dance 2BFit program which incorporates dance and movement. This is in preparation for our student's performance in our school concert next term. For the Personal Development and Heath (PDH), students will participate in a unit of work on Child Protection Education. Students will recognise and learn about safe and unsafe situations. They will develop knowledge and skills in safety strategies to deal with unsafe situations.

Creative Arts:

Students from Year 3 and Year 4 will participate in CAPA groups in their respective grade. Teachers on the grade will teach and focus on the skills to one of the creative arts strands: visual arts, music and drama. In visual arts, students will learn about art appreciation. They will discuss reasons why artists make particular artworks and why different interpretations are possible. Students will learn to recognise similarities and differences in how subject matter is represented. In music, students will develop and demonstrate their basic understanding of musical concepts through organising and performing. Year 4 students will compose and organise music using iPad app Garageband. In drama, students will develop skills in using movement and voice to build the action and roles of a character in a variety of situations. Students will experience and interpret a range of drama forms and elements by making, performing and appreciating drama.



This term assemblies will be hosted by our Student Leaders on friday morning from 9 to 9.30am. The 3-6 assembly dates are:

Friday 8 August

Friday 5 September

Friday 19 September (K-6 Assembly)

School Supplies:

Please ensure that your child's classroom supplies, in particular basic items such as lead pencils, pens, colour pencils, whiteboard markers and glue sticks are replenished this term.


Students are expected to be dressed in full school uniform each day, including black leather school shoes and school hat. Any accessories such as scarves should be one of the school colours, red and green.


If your child is absent from school, a note explaining why is required by your child’s class teacher within 7 days.

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