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What's Hopping?

We are so excited to have your child in Kindergarten! It has been an exciting two days! We have an awesome bunch of Kinders! Thank You for being Great Parents! Next week, we need a set transportation schedule for your child. Please fill out the new transportation form and return it. Next week, we will begin our daily curriculum. Please send us two 4x6 pictures of your child that we can keep. It needs to be a current one please. Your child needs a snack or $1.00 for ice-cream. Ice-cream should be here Monday, if not I will have popsicles as a back up.

Things to make your child comfortable:

a pull top water bottle, a light sweater

Paper Work: I understand the massive amount of paper work per kinder, however, you only have one set to fill out and return (unless you have other kids) We have 24 packets to file and submit! Mrs. Melanie is my right hand and we really need all paper work returned and finished by MONDAY! We can't submit this info until we have all 24. I will be making calls on Monday to those who don't return the forms because we like teaching much better than paper work. If you need help or have questions please come see us. We will help you!


Remember, every kinder gets an IPAD and the 20.00 fee is in place to keep this great plan in place. We are so lucky, so please submit your payment. This is an amazing opportunity for your child.

If you need to make transportation changes, please write me a note or call the front office. Please don't use email or my Remind account because I am teaching all day. Please only a note or a call! It's the safest and most efficient method! Some days I don't see email until after school.

Frog-Terrific Events: Mark your Calendar!

School Website:

Go here for any information or visit Dawson County's website School Calendar


Theme: School Friends

Phonics: ABC BOOT CAMP We will learn a letter a day the first 26 days of school then we will begin Saxon Phonics

Letters: Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff

Sight Words: We need to master 100 sight words this year! Twenty-Five Words each nine weeks...

Writing: Writing our first and last name with one capital letter.

Writer's Workshop: Drawing a picture with complete details and coloring and being able to talk about the drawing created.

Very Important: We hold our pencil correctly and always start at the top.....

Science: Exploring : Today, Tomorrow, Long Ago, Seasons, Weather,

Social Studies: Wants and Needs, National Symbols and holidays, Socializing within our community, community helpers, address, phone number, state, city, planet,

Shared Reading: We Are Friends

Math: Number Recognition, Oral Counting, Counting with Friends, Shapes, Number Sense, One to One Counting