join the marines

how old you have to be to join the army?

A man wishing to join the army could do so providing he passed certain physical tests and was willing to enlist for a number of years. The recruit had to be taller than 5 feet 3 inches and aged between 18 and 38 (although he could not be sent overseas until he was aged 19).

what kind of training do you have to do to join the army?

Although a system of compulsory military training existed in Australia before the war, the standing army comprised fewer than 3000 men. This number rose to 50,000 within three months and makeshift camps sprang up, taking over sporting fields and farms. In Victoria, the barracks at Broadmeadows served this role and men were trained to use bayonets, rifles and entrenching tools.This sudden influx of men, along with a lack of military police, explains some of the Australians reputation for rowdy behaviour and larrikinism. From the very first days of their composition as the Australian Infantry Force, a looser standard of discipline existed in comparison to the British Army:[E]very soldier was supposed to be in his blankets by 9:30pm. As a matter of fact, every night both men and officers thronged the streets and cafes in Melbourne.

listen to your instructor

The commands given by army gymnastic staff instructors should be followed at all times, not simply because they are senior non-commissioned officers, or because their physique is a clear sign of their prowess at demonstrating physical training. Their experience and valuable knowledge will help guide you, motivate you, and instil a sense of self-belief that you have been trained, not just to be fit, but to be fighting fit!

Stick it!

What compels a man in war? The ‘fighting spirit’ of course – but what does this mean? Is it dashing over the top? No, it is ‘sticking it’ – sticking it to the hardships of war, sticking it when you are injured, sticking it when you are sick, sticking it when you’re tired or have heard bad news or are on the back foot.And how is this fighting spirit indoctrinated? Through a soldier’s participation in games. If you are hit by a punch in a boxing bout, do you bow down and walk away? No, you clench your teeth, hide your feelings from your opponent and fight back. That is the fighting spirit; that is sticking it!

Too sick to train?

At times you may become injured or sick and unable to train. While this may be frustrating, it is important that you adhere to the medical staff’s advice and only conduct exercises that are suited to your current situation. Remedial training tables have been developed to allow those suffering from constipation and slight stomach troubles, for example. The exercises are not severe and can be beneficial, but if there is any question of ulcers or diarrhoea they should not be performed.