Manual Testing Online Trainning


Manual Testing Online Training

Get Your Software Process Or Development Risk Free With Quality Analysis

The process of continuous monitoring and scrutiny of the different phases of the entire production life cycle is called Quality Assurance. When a production or development process take place it is very much essential to check how the working is going on each stage of the production cycle. This is done to avoid unnecessary errors which can lead to severe malfunction of the process or complications in the production. Quality assurance process is a big relief which helps in preventing such errors. It is same for the IT industry also where the product is software. The QA Online Training enables you to understand the outlines of different testing scenario.

What QA course comprise of

The QA Online Training course enables you to learn about automation testing and manual testing tools usage. It gives you information regarding load runner, quality center, and selenium tool. There are several online courses provided on this topic and the duration varies with the course. Demo classes are available for students looking for a brief glimpse about the course. It imparts knowledge on manual and automation testing practices, testing methodologies and practical QA scenario. They provide mock interview sessions and job placement facilities. They also provide practical examples for better understanding. You are provided guidance from experienced professionals in this field.

The subjects you specialize on

The QA Online Training is designed in such a way that both fresher as well as experienced professionals find it useful. It comprises of Introduction, Testing, Classification and Models involved in developing software life cycle. You learn about Software development and testing life cycle. You will learn through QA Online Training about Client server architecture – Equivalent class partitioning and Boundary value analysis. You will learn about testing levels as integration testing, system testing, unit testing, module testing, etc. You will learn about kinds of testing as regression testing, dynamic testing, smoke testing, static testing, etc. testing tools, detects, QTP, and load runner.

The rewards of being an analyst

Previously software developer used to act as software testers. But with the bulk of the work increasing every day there was a need for a separate professional entity. As a result, quality assurance testers came into the scene. The QA testers now test the software program at the various stages of its life cycle. Therefore, their career is climbing its peak and will continue to grow as long as the software keeps on developing. Within a period of 2 to 3 years a QA analyst can become a senor QA analyst, within 6 years he becomes QA team coordinator, and with 11 year’s experience he becomes test manager. And within 14 years above experie3nce he becomes a senior test manager.

Be a quality analyst

QA Online Training course is essential if you want to do well in the fields of IT. Even though you do not want to go for a testing career you need to have the knowledge about the course subjects as keeping this mind if you develop software then it is least expected to show errors. Therefore, you can take this course as your career as well.