April 16 - Scholls Heights Knights

Parent/Guardian Newsletter

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Dear Families,

On behalf of the Scholls Heights staff, we want to thank you. Thank you for your support and patience as we navigate this new way of instructing. None of us ever imagined teaching and supporting students from our own homes! We know this is hard on families and we value your partnership.

As it has been an adjustment and learning curve for your family, it has been an adjustment and learning curve for our staff and district. Just as you are, we are trying to balance work and our families. It has been a rewarding and difficult adjustment. There are many positives with being together all the time as a family, but there are also definitely challenges too. Many of our staff are trying to support the learning of their own children while making teaching our Scholls Heights students a priority. Thank you for giving us grace as we learn new technology and how to make it as accessible as possible to families. Please know that we understand there will be times when things might be overwhelming in your household (as in our own). If your student does not get to an activity, please know that we are not judging you. Please get to it when you can. It is important for learning to continue, but not at the expense of your well-being or your child’s.

As a school (and district) we know the experiences for students will be different. We know that some families will have an easier time engaging, while others will struggle more for various reasons. We strive to support your child’s learning and your family.

The district has established priority learning targets and lessons for each grade level that will begin on April 20. This will allow us to better identify which targets need to be taught and moved from one grade level to the next. This is one reason why the engagement of each student is important. That being said, our priority is connecting teachers with students to maintain relationships and support social emotional wellness during this challenging time. Student and staff well being is still our highest priority.

The Oregon Department of Education came out with the following guidance:

Teacher Led

Structured, grade-level learning directed by teacher and supported by teacher.

PK-1: 45 minutes

2-3: 60 minutes

4-5: 90 minutes

**Teacher led learning needs to take into account the time commitment for families.

Learning and Supplemental Activities

May be connected to Teacher-Led Learning led by the student or led by the family.

PK-1: 1 to 2 Hours

2-3: 2 Hours

4-5: 3 Hours

** Teacher may also connect with students during this time to support earlier instruction (one on one or small group).

Meeting Nutritional and Wellness Needs

Breakfast, lunch, snack and recess/play breaks.

PK-K: 2 Hours

2-3: 2 Hours

4-5: 3 Hours



What does this mean for a child?

For example, a kindergarten student would not receive more than 2 hours and 45 minutes of teacher led instruction and supplemental learning*.

This includes teacher instruction (recorded and live) + teacher directed assignments + small group/one on one instruction + independent reading + Dreambox + PE and Music + Counseling and Social Emotional Learning lessons + Special education and English language learner. These combined should be the maximum amount of time for a student to be in ‘school’ each day.

*This is a maximum number.

We know that family schedules can be tricky. Teachers will be providing synchronous learning experiences and asynchronous learning experiences. Asynchronous lessons could be done live, but need to be recorded and posted (asynchronous) so that students may access them at any time.

I apologize for the length of this message as I am sure you are receiving a lot of communication these days. I wanted to let everyone know that as we become more familiar with this type of instruction, you may be experiencing some changes with your teacher’s schedule. As we launched, teachers were working around the clock to make sure things were up and running. They have experienced high volumes of emails and professional development from the district. Although we would all love to serve our families and community around the clock, it is simply not sustainable. I have asked teachers to communicate when they will be doing synchronous (live) lessons/meetings and when they will hold their office hours. As a district, we are asking them to use their office hours to plan, run small groups/individual instruction, provide feedback to students and respond to email. They would love to respond to each and every SeeSaw or Google Classroom post, but that may not be manageable. Thank you for understanding as we all navigate this new way of supporting the kids that we love.

On an exciting note, the PTO is able to offer a Virtual Book Fair to anyone who wants to participate. This is not a fundraiser, but an opportunity for families to order book(s) should they wish to. Please do not feel obligated. The information is included in this Newsletter.

Take care,

Tracy Bariao

Enjoy our Staff Messages

Virtual Book Fair

Dear families,

Our school is hosting a Virtual Scholastic Book Fair from April 20th- May 3rd
The Virtual Fair is a fantastic way to get books in the hands of your students now to support reading at home.

 Shop Book Fair exclusives, best-sellers, skill-builders and more
 Orders ship direct to home
 Book-only orders over $25* receive FREE shipping
 Over 6,000 items to choose from through the Scholastic Store Online

 All purchases benefit our school and earn rewards (Although this is not why we are doing it).

Visit our Book Fair Homepage and click “Shop Now” to get started:

Happy reading!

*Free Standard Shipping is available on book-only orders of $25 or more, after all discounts are applied. Free Standard shipping (books) must be selected during Checkout. Orders containing products other than books are not eligible for
this shipping promotion.

Please direct any questions to Scholls Heights PTO at schollsheightspto@gmail.com

5th Grade

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

We are really hoping to put together a yearbook for our kids and need photos of your children from school events, parties, field trips and activities to make this happen. We only have about 25% of our 5th grader's represented and would love for everyone to be included. Here is the link to the drive for you to upload your photos to: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1fI1Av48Ev14vlzE07yHNXzKeV2Kkclhz

We also need a headshot/photo of your child and a one sentence message from your child answering this question: What one sentence message would you like to leave for your friends as you leave 5th grade? This can be emailed to amyvanriessen@gmail.com , or it can be done through Seesaw and posted to your child's journal.

There are no plans for a 5th Grade Send Off at this time due to current circumstances. We are hoping there will be an avenue to celebrate our children's last year in Elementary School in some way in the near future.

~The 5th Grade Send Off Committee