Registered Nurse

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What is a Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse is an assistant to a medical professional. They manage patient care, use and monitor medical equipment, supervise nursing assists and other nusing staff. The registered nurse is to provide saftey and health education to individuals and families.

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People in this Career

Approximately 2.6 million in 2008 are employed in this career field. This career has a 60% growing rate. The employment trends following this career through 2020 is faster than average. Other jobs that relate to registered nursing is urgeons, physicain assists, gynecoligists, and obsteticians. These are often related to registered nursing becaue they are specialized in different branches of nursing.

Duties in this Career

A registered nurse is able to diagnose and treat illnesses, as well as provide a prescription to a needed medication. There are specific duties and roles for being a registered nurse such as pediatrics, which work with children and teens, or oncology, which is working with cancer patients. Being a RN has very versatile hours, such as night emergency hours or day/night hours. This career might have unknown hours or random call ins.


The health and physical qualifications to be a registered nurse is to have speech clarity, inductive reasoning, and oral comprehension. In order to have a good personality for this job you have to be caring, sympathetic, and detail orientated. Education is a huge part of the process into becoming a RN. In order to become a RN a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing (BSN, 4years) and an assiociates degree in Nursing (ADN, 2years) is needed. And that is just the bear minimum. To keep your knowledge up to date is to keep going to school. Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, ODU, and Columbus State University offers the RN program.

Earnings $$$

Beginning Salary - $34k per year

Average Salary - $66k per year

Exceptional Salary - $99k per year

Although these number can be great looking in the screen, in order to increase and maintain these high salaries is to keep going to school to keep the knowledge up to date.

Nature of the Job

The great part of becoming a RN is recieving 13 paid holidays, call back on call meaning overtime, and having full health care coverage. A registered nurse cannot be cancelled from a regularly-asssigned shift. After 20 yeasr of service there will be no more mandatory weekends. Although then benefits and salaries are good looking, there are also bad sides to this occupation such as biological and ergonomic (lifting, overextertion).

A RN would first ask what has happened and whathurts if it is not apparent. The registered nurse would define the boken leg as an incomplete leg fracture. The leg has obviousy been constanly kicked at. The patient has a history of shin splints. The signs are swelling and the area is becoming discolored. As a RN the patient will be casted and there will be aesthetics used to calm the pain.

Reflection of Registered Nursing

After studying this career, I would persue this career chioce as my own. My aunt is a very specialized RN and I would love to carry in her foot steps. I love being proactive and learning about the body and how to make it as healthy as possible. Becoming a registered nurse for me would be good because I would learn about the body parts and how to protect them from harm. I could rehabilitate my own injuries without paying loads of money for someone else to do it.

My Own Career Chioce

I choose Health Sciences, General because I like the body. I am an athlete that wants to become more knowledgable in the body and how it works. I am a very active person and knowing about the body will help me expand the knoledge about the bones, tendons, muscles, etc.


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