Figurative Language

By: Francheska Torres

Figurative Language definitions

Simile- A comparison between one thing or another using the words like or as.

Metaphor- A comparison between one word another not using like or as.

Alliteration- The same letter or sound in the beginning of a word.

Assonance-Takes place when two or more words close one another repeat the same vowel sound but start with different constant sounds.

Hyperbole- Exaggerating sayings

onomatopoeia-A form of a sound that goes with what its named.

Idiom- A phrase that is not to be taken literally.

Irony-A use of a word that is different from what you would think it would be.

Personification-Is a figure of speech where the the real human things are put into animals.

Imagery-Using figurative language in an action or Idea.

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