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March Newsletter

What's Coming Up At Rock Creek:

March 21st-25th - Spring Break!

March 28th - Students return to school

March 31st - Snow Bird visits RC

April 1st - 4th and 5th Grade Spring Dance

Booster Club Fundraiser

Rock Creek's Booster Club is selling Nalgene water bottles in two different styles. The bottles are in stock and will given to your student upon purchase. These will be great for students to use to stop by and fill up at our new hydration station!

The two styles available are:

32 oz Nalgene Red Water Bottle - $12

24 oz Nalgene Clear Bottle - $14

Empowering Parents: What You Should Know About Cyber Safety

Technology is advancing fast, and abundantly. At Rock Creek, students use different forms of technology in their classrooms to learn, and to gain new skills. Technology opens us up to a world full of possibilities, and is a great tool. It can be a wonderful thing when used the right way. But there are hidden dangers to technology that all parents should be aware of when your child accesses different forms of media. It is important to stay aware of what your child is doing on the internet and on social media sites.

Here are some cyber safety tips for parents:

  • Set clear guidelines and rules for use
  • Outline what apps and media are acceptable for your child to use
  • Carefully monitor your child's usage
  • Let your child know that they should NEVER share their name, address, or any other personal information on social media to people they do not know
  • Talk with your child about what you would like him/her to do if they come across inappropriate content
  • Preferably, have a high quality web filter in place that will block inappropriate sites
  • Help your kids think long-term. Let them know that everything that they post online leaves a digital footprint. Talk about why they need to think before they post. It's important to create a positive footprint!
  • Remind your children that the golden rule applies online as well.

Below are some family tip sheets from CommonSense Media that go into furhter detail of information that you should be aware of us as parent:


Digital Life

Privacy and Digital Footprint

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Education and Technology

We are constantly using technology to grow students' skills here at Rock Creek. Below are some great educational websites that your children can use at home.

Grades K-2:



Spelling City


Grades 3-5:


BrainPOP Jr.

Study Island


Interactive Learning Sites