Fantasy, Biogaphy, Memoir Genres

Fiction,writng of another person,something special about you


Fantasy is the art of fiction because everything in fantasy don't exist because if they did they did like a Pegasus they would be like $1,000,000 so it is a good thing they don't exist. Also if you had you would want to clean up the place all the time because your Pegasus would mess every thing up in your house.


Biography is a writing of a another person other than you. Otherwise then it would be an autobiography which IS about you. Say I am writing about a famous ice skater. That would be a biography of a another person's life. Like if you did about Amelia Earhart (to the right) that would be a biography.


Memoir is French for memory or reminiscence. It can also mean that you say something about you that is special and make it into a story. Say that I say that I love to rollerblade. Then I would say this, When I was a girl the age of 11, I loved to rollerblade. I love to rollerblading so much that I could jump up and spin in the air! That is what I mean by turning the memory to a story.