my endangered animal


my elephant

my endangered animal is a borneo elephant,the scientific name of a borneo pygmy elephant is a elephant maxims boorishness. these elephants are nutive to borneo island,also are smaller than african elephants.These elephants belong to elephantidae family,it has became commonplace to refer to " pygmy" subspecies


the Borneo pygmy elephant is a small Asian elephant that grows 2.5 meters long.It lives in subtropical and tropical climates in Borneo and sometimes Malaysia and Indonesia.the food supplies,and bringining them off eir being infected by logging in these habitates.This is shrinking these areas they live in and cutting them off of food supplies and bringing them to humans that could posibly hurt them.

prey and preditors,what do these elephants love to est

asian elephants including this one,are the largest herbivores on the planet. this means that they only eat PLANTES. They eat about 150 kg of plants Everyday. they love eating grasses,palm leaves,and bananas,thep problem with these animals is becasue of the logging,they cont get what they need in order to survive, humans,are the main predators. borneo elephant are killed for their ivory tucks. They really dont have predators,their also killed by nutions plauyedbby palmoil oruduction.

why they became endangered

my animal became endangered because of the less food supplies,caused by the logging,hunters. these hunters hunted them for their beautiful asian elephants tusks