The Falcon Monday Message

Week of September 28, 2015

2015-2016 Campus Big Goals

  1. Enhance quality instruction
  2. Create a positive, college centered, campus culture
  3. Support strong academic delivery through effective coaching and feedback

Character Trait of the Month: RESPECT


Ms. Carter

5th Grade Reading and Social Studies

Ms. Garcia



  • To everyone that worked so hard to make Foster a place that encourages our students to be college bound!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
  • To Ms. Friese for implementing small group instruction while the rest of her students were involved in station activities that were aligned with the content they were learning!!!
  • To Ms. Bernal for implementing technology in her classroom to reinforce student learning of the posted objective while effectively tracking her DOL.
  • To everyone that participated in making the first PTA meeting such a success.
  • To all the teachers for being prepared for the SST planning meetings with Mr. Burak and Ms. Kruzel.
  • To Ms. Thomason and Ms. Brown for embracing change in their classrooms this week!
  • To the CICs for having tests and bubble sheets ready on time!!!!


  • 5F will make announcements all week (3 students report to Mr. Hall's Office by 7:40am)
  • Spots/Feedback for Group C this week
  • SLO/PDPs due in SchoolNet Monday
  • Reading/Writing Common Assessments Tuesday
  • Math/Science Common Assessments Wednesday
  • Compliance videos due Wednesday. PLEASE do not put your certificates in Ms. Kruzel's box, as you must sign that you turned them in. Please turn them into her office (Room 120).
  • FAC/BOC Wednesday, 3:15pm in the Library
  • Math Planning Day Thursday
  • Reading Planning Day Friday
  • PreK-1st Planning Day next Monday
  • Salvation Army nominations due via email to Mr. Lentz Thursday by COB
  • Top 16 Luncheon ("C" Sections) Friday at 1:00pm in the Cafeteria


  • Remember to have your Exit Slips in the folder by 7:30am Monday morning!
  • Spots/Feedback: Group C
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you have your attendance submitted by 9:00am each morning.


  • All GC Members will get a checklist in their mailboxes that they will use to collect bubble sheets. Reading/Writing bubble sheets should be turned into the GC Members on Wednesday after testing, and the GC Members will turn them into the appropriate coaches' colored tray in the front teacher's lounge. (Villegas - Blue, Bahena - Red, Clark - Yellow). All Math bubble sheets should be turned in Thursday using the same procedure.


  • Please make sure you are submitting attendance daily by 9:00am in Gradespeed.
  • There is a new form for requesting supplies from Ms. Thompson. The forms are located with all the other forms, by the Bioclock, in the front office. You no longer need to submit an email to Ms. Thompson, just fill out the form and place it in her box. You will still get an answer within 24 hours regarding the supplies you are requesting.