Moonwalking with Einstein

By Joshua Foer

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A Literal Trip Down Memory Lane

Moonwalking with Einstein is a nonfiction novel that chronicles journalist Joshua Foer's inquiry into the capacity of the human memory. Upon visiting the National Memory Championships on assignment, he begins a year-long quest to become a memory master through relentless training, and he imparts these helpful hints upon the reader. Will he be successful in his journey to becoming a memory master?

"If you want to live a memorable life, you have to be the kind of person who remembers to remember."

What does it take to become the master of your own memory?

Memory expert Joshua Foer on some topics from his book
Author Joshua Foer discusses the nature of the human memory and his novel, Moonwalking with Einstein.

Rave Reviews

"Funny, curious, erudite, and full of useful details about ancient techniques"

- The Boston Globe

"Essential reading...Foer's book is remarkable, and also remarkably practical."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Foer is too engaging to put us off. His assemblage of personal mnemonic images is riotous."

- The New York Times

Joshua Foer: Feats of memory anyone can do
Joshua Foer presents a TEDTalk on seemingly impossible memorization tasks that the average person can accomplish.