Quintech Resturant Project

Be Smart, Eat Smart and Let Technology Help you Decide

By Quincy Spencer

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Location: Future location 805 Frenchtown Road New Castle DE

Our Future location will be right next to Penn Farm, behind William Penn High School.

We pay Penn Farm CSA for fresh vegtables to use in our Resturant and have plans for a fitness center to be connected to our resturant. We will serve healthy meals and provide pre and post workout meals as well for those that want to fuel up before working out, or to replenish what they lost during the workout. We're inspired by the big time health clubs and resturants in California and New York. Everything in the Resturant will be tech savy with ipads as table tops, and orders through a computer right from the table to help with speed of service. This resturant will be very trendy and we hope to be the trend setters in the area.

Our workers, chefs and wait staff will be in tip top physical shape, and given free memberships to the health club. Technology and fitness are two themes that our resturant will use to set the trends. To follow the fitness theme we will have mindfulness music playing to remind those to be mindful when eating and working out. Desserts weren't mentioned, but only healthy items will be offered. Baked apple, and fruit pies with low sugar.

As stated above our resturant will be located next to William Penn and be a place where the student chefs can practice cooking as well. Internships will be made available. It's my home and Wm Penn is a trendy place and will help my resturant. I will allow students to eat as they can walk safely to our resturant. Students are a target, but may not be able to pay for the more expensive items. Hopefully more students will begin to value health and eat at my resturant. My logo is shown below.

The ambiance is that of mindfulness. and the decor will be technology and fitness, and again play mindfulness music so customers are mindful of health and fitness.


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Gospel playlist to inspire and uplift people while eating


my gospel playlists by user242607156
This gym looks like an arcade

How We Advertise

ways I could advertise my restaurant are newspaper, television,magazines,online ads,

bill boards, pamphlets,radio,