wax worm moths

by:Bennett .M

Life cycle

First it is comes in an egg. Then it is called larva. The larva eats the egg. Then it eats a lot until it is full grown to a caterpillar. Then it forms a chrysalis or cocoon or pupa. After about two weeks it comes out and dries its wings. Then after the wings dry you can let the moth go. After you let the moth go you can find another caterpillar. First you get a glass jar. Then you put the caterpillar in the big glass jar. Then you put about five milkweed plants in the jar. After the the wax worm is fat in about four weeks they form a chrysalis. Then you can watch the life cycle start all over again.
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The wax worms body parts are, the head, thorax, and abdomen. Their body's can get up to three inches or six centimeters. The wax worm moth has two antennas and four wings and big compound eyes, which can see left, right, forward and backward. The last things are they have six legs, They have six legs when they are young, and eighteen leg when they are older.


When the wax worm moth is done laying her eggs she flies away. After about ten minutes the wax worm moth dies. When the eggs hatch they eat the egg first before they eat something else. It is called larva. When the larva is fat it forms a chrysalis. When the chrysalis opens the wax worm moth comes out and dries it wings. After she is done drying her wings she go of to find a good place to lay her eggs.


Some of their predators are a lizard, gecko, chameleon, and people of starvation. When wax worms see a predator it digs a tunnel under ground. If the wax worms family gets eaten their with no other wax worm to help. Wax worms can play dead when the are getting chased. Another way they can protect them selves is to blend in with the sand.

Intresting facts

They have six leg when they are young.

They have eighteen legs when the are old,not a adult.

They are a caterpillar.

They are a moth.

They eat honeycombs.


Some eat marshmallows like the colored wax worm. Some eat honeycombs like normal wax worms. They also eat oatmeal. They also eat raw oatmeal-not cooked. Some wax worms eat the same things as others do.

Different species

One type of wax worm is the colored wax worm. Another type of wax worm is the honey wax worm.