Poverty: Hard system to break

The facts of Homelessness

  • Poverty is going without your basic needs of food, water, shelter and more
  • To get people off the streets they need a house in order to get jobs
  • 2.7 billion people live on $2.00 a day in this world
  • 6 levels of poverty: Absolute, relative, deep, poverty threshold, working poor and living wage
  • Not all homeless people are addicted to drugs or lazy, everyone has a story
  • When minimum wage was first started it was 25 cents
  • 1 of 30 children face hunger and homelessness
  • In just one southern city 5,300 students are homeless in a school district
  • 963 million people go hungry everyday
  • Homelessness has increased with the 22% rise in the cost of living