The Dome of the Rock

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A Mihrab points to the direction of Mecca


The Dome of the Rock is located near the center of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel in the center of the country. Israel is a country in the middle east. Israel is east of Egypt and west of Jordan. The shrine is on the Temple Mount one of the world's holiest sites. The Western Wall is nearby and is where Jews prayed to the mount.

Physical Description

The Dome of the Rock is a beautiful site. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem and it can be seen all over the older part of the city. The outer walls are multicolored tiles and the lower half of the wall is white marble. The walls are 67 feet tall. On the top is a golden dome which was recently placed with a copper and aluminum dome. It has survived all earthquakes and has not been destroyed or damaged.


It was built by the Muslims in the 7th century. It was probably around 688 to 691 A.D. that Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik constructed and planned for it to be a shrine for pilgrims. It was built to commemorate Mohammed's ascension into heaven. Jews believe that it is the exact spot where Abraham prepared sacrifice for Isaac. But soon the crusaders conquered it and made it a Christian church. And the Muslims conquered it back.

Who Finds This Place Sacred?

Three religions find the Dome of the Rock sacred. The Muslims and Islam, the Christians and Christianity, and the Jews with Judaism. The Israelites of Exodus first consecrated the site of the Temple Mount. The Muslims were the original ones who created the shrine for pilgrims. Then the Christians later on made it a Christian church by conquering it.

Why it is Sacred to Judaism

The Jews find this shrine a famous site. This site was believed to be where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac or Ishmael. Abraham was right in what is the center of the shrine where he sat on a rock. That same rock was also were Solomon had his temple.

Why it is Sacred to Christianity

The Dome of the Rock is sacred to Christianity because Jerusalem was the region that Jesus taught. The Christians also believe it was where Abraham prepared for his sacrifice to Ishmael not Isaac. Jesus was also thought to have taught here at the Temple Mount.

Why it is Sacred to Islam

The octagon or Dome of the Rock is sacred to the Muslims because they believe that the rock is where Mohammed departed for his "Night Journey." The journey was from Jerusalem to Mecca and back and then he began his ascent to Heaven.
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