Egyptian news

Egypt main crops are:grains,fruit and vegetable.The egyptians used a plant called papyrus

to write with .The Nile River helped egyptians with calendars.egypt grew weak as they spent money trying to keep the other countries conquered,but eventually egypt was conquered by Greece and Rome.Khufu is the largest pyramid in Egypt that was build 4,500 years ago.

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is to help with the meanings of hieroglyphics.A pyramid was a tomb for the pharaohs.The Egyptian had a language that had pictures.This language was called

hieroglyphics.The stone had three languages on it that the the scientist tried to discovered.

It was later brought to a museum to be examined.

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Silt is a small particle of a rich soil.The Nile river floods to help the Egyptians.When the silt reaches the Nile river,so it's banks start to flood on the crops.The flood creates very good crops and land.Today we use dams and channels to control the rivers.

What are Egypt's main crops

Egypt's main crops are vegetables,grain and fruit.Some farmers use simple methods to grow the crops.The flooding in egypt is important so the crops grow.When the river banks flood farmers get very happy.They even make the flooding a season in egypt.
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sahara desert

It is the largest desert in the world.It comes from an arabic word that means desert.It is the size of the united states of america.It is the hottest desert, and covers most part of Northern Africa.It is home to the most of where the animals live in.
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facts on Iraq

It has the most farming taking place.Oil is the country's major export.Its capital is the largest city.Iraq is twice the size of idaho , and is west of syria and jordan.For many years Iraq was known as mesopotamia, but the main rivers are tigris and euphrates.
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