Study Buddies

A Fun Summer Education Program

About Study Buddies

Is your child forgetting important curriculum over the summer? Is their knowledge going POOF? Well, Study Buddies has a solution for you! We are a summer education business designed to help kids get better at multiple school subjects. We help teach math, writing, spelling/ vocabulary, reading and for older students, some history and science. Our business is run by four 6th graders who are responsible, intelligent, and have experience with younger children. They can take care of your child without you being worried! While we teach, the learning will still be a fun activity with praise and prizes if your child is doing well. Also, this program is very affordable, at $6 a subject for 1 hour. Even better, if you wish to do multiple subjects, there will be some discounts! (see Prices below) We will include books, materials and snacks, so there is no extra costs. This is a great learning opportunity for children 5-9. Also, we donate 20% of our funds to a charity that gives school supplies to poor children in undeveloped countries. We hope to see you soon!


These prices are very affordable! Here they are:

1 subject for 1 hour- $6

2 subjects each for 1 hour $10

3 subjects each for 1 hour- $16

4 subjects each for 1 hour -$20

5 subjects each for 1 hour- $25

6 subjects each for 1 hour- $30

ATTENTION- multiple subjects will be taught over a period of "classes", or days, like a summer camp.


Math- Numbers Are All Around Us!

We will learn skills that are appropriate for your child's age, like subtraction and addition for younger students and multiplication and others for older students.

Writing- The pen is mightier than the sword!

We do writing prompts where we will read their work and give helpful tips on how to make their writing better. We will also do poetry if things are going well. For younger students we will work on handwriting and cursive.

Spelling/ Vocabulary- A lot more than "Alot"

We will do spelling "tests" with age appropriate words and also learning new words and definitions.

Reading- Books are power!

We will teach the younger students patiently as she/he reads picture books and new words. We will have books that your child will enjoy. For older pupils, we will analyze and search for story elements. Also, there will be a read-aloud from the teachers.

Science- Dive into the magical world of science

We will brush up on the basics and teach about the food chain, planets, weathering and erosion and more!

History- We the people......

We will teach about wars and important parts in history that your child will need to know as he/she gets older.

These are just some of the basic skills we offer. If you want us to teach something that is not listed above, make sure to tell us. Also, if you do not want us to teach your child something specific, please tell us as well.


If you wish to learn more information, send us an email at

If you are interested, we will send you a packet with the necessary paperwork, like email address, and name, a brief profile of the tutors here at Study Buddies and other information.

About The Tutors

Hi! Our names are Elle, Sophie, and Ellie. We are 6th graders at McCulloch Middle School. We are all in the talented and gifted program with good grades and a clean slate. We are happy to be teaching your child, and we are simply doing it for the opportunity of teaching children! We all have younger siblings who we have taught in a fun "class" where we teach them several subjects.