Oscar Leslie Stone

My Great Grandfather

Where Did He Fit in History

Oscar Leslie Stone was a general authority of the LDS church from 1972, until he died. I have always heard that he was a hardworking man, but to serve your church for 14 or 15 years takes a lot of dedication. He was also president of the Salt Lake City Temple. Oscar Leslie stone was called to be a member of the Quorum of the Seventy. This man was one of the most involved people in our church. I look up to him a lot be cause he is a great role model for me.
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O. Leslie Stone's Life

Oscar Leslie Stone was born May 28, 1903. He was always a well rounded, organized child. As a young man he worked at a convenience store down the street from his house. As he moved up the ranks his store owner decided to let him take over his store. Stone then expanded his business and soon had several stores across Chapin, Teton, Idaho. As he got more and more involved in the LDS church, he stepped down from his position in the grocery business. His stores later became known as "Safeway". Yep, no "Safeway Select" thin mint imitation cookies without Oscar Leslie Stone.

Oscar Leslie Stone died from natural causes April 26, 1986 shortly after 1:oo in the morning. He died in Salt Lake City, Utah in his home. His health had been slowly failing in recent years. He lived to be 82 years old and had lived a full and exciting life.