Air Pollution

Air Pollution effects on health, environment and economy

Air pollution effect on health can be very bad for the human because of pollutants like tiny airbourne particles and ground level ozone can trigger many health defects such as respiratory problem. Air pollution effect in the environment that toxic air pollutants and the chemicals that form acid rain and ground level ozone can damage trees, crops, wildlife, lakes and other bodies of water pollutants can harm fish and other aquatic life. Air pollution effect on our economy causes thousands of illnesses leading to lost days at work and school, air pollution also reduces agricultural crop and commercial forest yields by billions of dollars each year.

5 ways of reducing air pollution for the average citizen

The first way of reducing air pollution can be conserve energy turn off appliances and lights when you leave your room. Second way to conserve energy could be to recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles, cardboard and aluminum cans. Third way of conserving keep wood stoves and fireplaces well maintained you should replace old wood stoves with EPA certified models. Fourth way of reducing air pollution is use low voc or water based paints, strains, finishes and paint strippers. Fifth way of reducing air pollution buy rechargeable batteries for devices used frequently.