What is A Bay, Gulf And Fjord?

All of this is by Jordan

what a bay, gulf and a fjord is.

A bay is a body of water surrounded by land. A bay is smaller than a gulf. A gulf is a little bit of the ocean that penetrates ( indents ) land. A Fjord is a narrow body of water that reaches in land.

how they are form.

A bay forms by the process of continents drifting together and drifting away. The biggest bay in the world was created by tectonic plates. A gulf is created by earths crust or tectonic plates may drift or break apart. A gulf can be created by one of earths plates folding under another. Fjords are created by glaciers. After the ice age there where a lot of glaciers so that means there where a lot of fjords.

This is Guantanamo bay.

Guantanamo bay is in Cuba. It is a deep natural harbor. It is also related to a gulf. Finally there are tall mountains near by. It is related to a gulf.

Here is gulf Aquaba

Gulf Aquaba it is in Jordan. This one is made by the movement of earth's crust. Believe it or not there are trading centers on top of it. it is related to a gulf.

Things about Boka fjord.

boka fjord is located in Montenegro. It's kind of looks like a hammer. If it floods it will flood the city. It is like a large bay.

Here is the Chesapeake bay

The Chesapeake bay is in Eastern United States. It looks like a big river. There are lots of buildings on top. It is like a big fjord.