Teach Meet @ Macquarie University

From Prac to Practitioner: GOLDEN ADVICE for new teachers

Thursday 6th June

We aim to provide opportunities for students within the School of Education with ways of developing themselves professionally, academically and socially. Thank you to Matt Esterman for helping to plan our very first Teach Meet at Macquarie University. The theme we have decided on is 'From Prac to Practitioner: GOLDEN ADVICE for new teachers' where we ask presenters to focus on one golden piece of advice that they have/would give to a praccie/first year out teacher (or themselves back then!).

Teach Meet @ Macquarie University

Thursday, June 6th, 4:30pm

Balaclava Road

North Ryde, NSW

The Presenters list

Anne McMaugh- Classroom management: 7 tips in 7 minutes

Philip - To Be Confirmed

Leanne Cameron - To Be Confirmed
Viviana Mattiello - Professional Learning Networks

Mitch Squires - To Be Confirmed

Denise Lombardo- Staying True (Authenticity!)

Polly Dunning- Trying the Flipped Classroom

Norman McCulla- Questions worth asking on prac

Rod Lane- Tips for the DEC Interview

Yasodai Selvakumaran - The Other strings to my bow

Alice Leung- A beginning teacher's digital toolbox

Stanley Yip- Connect, Reflect, Share

Henna Ali- Not giving up!