Ms Suzi's Multi-Level ESL Class

Farr Elementary

We are up and Zooming

Hello I am Ms Suzi Munnelly.

I am teaching English step by step through Zoom.

I will send you the ID numbers to your email address or to your phone as a text. You must first registered with Escondido Adult School.

See links for registration in Spanish or English Below

Every Tuesday at 2:30 and Wednesday - Thursday at 1:00. Zoom

There are two schedules for the class. We meet each time for an hour.

We learn about Parts of Speech, Verb tenses, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and much more.

I will send links to your email so that you can practice exercises about what we learn.

Let's have some fun learning English.

Guaranteed to help you learn English

This is the link to register for the ESL class.

English as a Second Language

Hablo Español . Les ayudo entender en Español un poco para los que hablan Español .