The Mighty Weekly

Local boy Missing and Found!

Local boy Kidnapped and FOUND!

Maxwell Kane kidnapped by his father, Killer Kane. Maxwell tells the "Mighty Weekly" that "He came right to the down under and put his hand on my mouth and told me to be quiet boy don't make a sound." The "Mighty Weekly" asks Max "how did he get out of prison?" Max tells us "he told me that he was a man of god, but if it wasn't for my best friend Kevin (but I like to call him freak), wouldn't be here TODAY"

Max told the "Mighty Weekly" that Kevin "Freak" Avery had passed away 7-16-1995. Sadly July 15th was Freaks Birthday. He would be 13 now and going to the 9th grade with Maxwell Kane, if he had not passed away.

Here are some pictures of Kevin "freak", and Max above.

Mr and Mrs. Iggy Lee

Iggy Lee And Loretta Lee were good friends of Kennith Kane (also known as "Killer Kane"). Iggy and Loretta were planning for Max's escape Iggy was going to distract Killer Kane while Loretta untied Max. But Iggy wasn't good enough he ran in the basement and started strangling her. She came out with a broken bone in her neck, but she survived.

"Freak the Mighty"

Kevin "Freak" had given Maxwell an empty book. He had given the book to Maxwell so he could write down all the quests they had together. Freak knew he would not live a long life, so he told Max that he was getting a new body. A bionic Body. Then sadly, he passed away. So max wrote down all of their quests. He even turned out reading a few books. He even wrote one! And its Called. Freak the mighty.

"freaks my feet"

Maxwell Kane tells the "Mighty Weekly" That Tony D and his Gang Chased them into the Old Mill dew Pond. "Freak would tap on my arm to tell me to go left or right. He was a character, I will miss him". That's all we have for today, for the "Mighty Weekly".