Friday Morning Coffee Chat!

Shining Diamonds!

Friday, March 14, 2014

We are halfway through March and rocking our "ROAR!" Trunk shows are being booked, hostesses are excited and we are heading into SPRING! (finally!!!!)

So many KUDOS to give to everyone booking shows! Super impressed with these ladies this week as their determination and perseverance was higher than ever as they are planning their schedules to rock their SUMMER Splash!

Cheers to ........

Heather Irwin has added two new shows to her pipeline with her friends and family! Love that she is rocking her JUMPSTART and earning amazing credits to build her display!

Julie Robenhymer is using her fundraising skills to support Autism awareness this month next month! Doing good look GOOD on you!!

Pamela Sullivan is planting seeds like crazy and has booked two more new shows this week! This girl is on FIRE!!!!

Beth Quartel is one of those girls that never gives up! She is rocking her winter and spring with booked shows left and right and determined to now start building a team! Amazing!

Megan Wittmann another newbie is reaching out and FOLLOWING UP, which we know is the key! By doing this and staying on top of her follow ups she booked another new show this week for MARCH! Love the tight bookings..go girl!

Christine Valenti doesn't even have her kit yet (well maybe she does now!) but has been a stella lover for four years, joined this past weekend and already has 4 shows booked! WOWZERS!

Holly Herbener is wearing and sharing everywhere she goes! She is giving it her all and just booked another new show

Erin Kohrherr planted a ton of seeds over the winter and they are now sprouting! Sometimes, it takes a month to get those seeds growing and when they do, they are beautiful! Love how she kept at it, didn't let it stop her and pushed through her struggles! She is now sitting at three new shows this week and a bunch already on the calendar for spring! So awesome!

Wendy Huber is listening to calls, participating in our groups and training and giving it her all! She isn't letting a few cancellations stop her. She rescheduled a show to May and working on the other!!! Life happens...we just have to go with it and that's what Wendy is doing so well. :)

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Brighten YOUR Life!! It's COMING!!!!!

Please join us for amazing truing on MARCH 24th!!! Link below with all of the information! Jessica is COMING and you won't want to miss out!!!

Can't make this Philadelphia Training? Look and see what Brighten Your Life is closest to YOU!! Remember...if I have 20 Shining Diamonds attend a training this month, I'll raffle off a $100 gift card!

Nw York City info is also below!!!

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If you sell $1000 by your brighten your life tour, you get the Classic bag free!!

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Just a fun reminder that YOUR goals are YOUR goals! We are all in this business for different reasons! Sit and think about your ultimate WHY! Reflect on that and use your time wisely to work your business and not compare yourself to others. :)

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Jessica's Time Mastery Call from yesterday, PLEASE DO! This is a must listen to all parts of your life! I learned so much about MYSELF and how to prioritize my life, family and work!!!

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