hi anat...

the text is Divided to criterions

good fun in youre read

and have the video

הדרכה לסמור ענת

the Space

in the future will have a Spaceship' the people will fly th the moon to live there

i think this is a great idea because we will have there a water and house and food

like my son in the future see in my video under


Our city

in the future our city she will electcity (A picture)

i will live in somthing like tent (picture E)

that a new elaborate house i will love that

that revolution was no just in ramat-gan

it will was in LONDON (picture D)

AND IN MOSCOW (picture B)

and have some city that no very work like city in mexico (picture C)


in the future the fasion will be elaborate and elecricity

we start in the up the google glasses (picture A)

you can play and photograph and tjis is glass today in USA its 3000$

and we go down to the t-shirt

the t-shirt will be special with camera, yes yes a small camera near the Breast (picture B)

and the last is the clock that will amazing its like a phone just in mini (picture C)


in the future the Technological will be "crazy" like cars, phone and Printer...

we start from the phone its be like iphone just in small (picture A)

now the cars of the police...

the police think about good Method to Defeat the Crime with Bar Code on neck of people

(picture B)

and they have a cool cars with technological item to catch people (picture C)

and the video(first)

and have the console videos (second)

and ps 54 in the picture

Futuristic Police Car -- Loaded With Tech (CES 2013)
NVIDIA Project Shield: My Thoughts (CES 2013)
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