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My Gratitude, Growth Mindset, and Grit will assist me in accomplishing my Goals and attaining GREATNESS!


We hope you have had a wonderful summer break and are as excited as we are to see all of you again! If you are a first time parent/student with us this year, let me welcome you to the best elementary school in South Carolina! The first day of school is just around the corner (Aug. 3rd), but up first is Meet the Teacher (July 29th). By now your child's teacher has probably contacted you welcoming your child to his/her class and providing you a link to sign up for a time to meet next Thursday. If you haven't received an email or call by Monday please send me an email or give me a call. Please check out the rest of our Dolphin Times newsletter for more important information!

Are You a Returning Student?

All students who are returning to the school they previously attended last year must complete the Back-to-School Update in Registration Gateway. You should have received an email reminder from the district each week for the past couple of weeks that has your child's username and password information. If you are having trouble completing this update please let our office know at 397-2800. It is extremely important for us to have the most up-to-date information for your child. It is critical we have this information before the start of school.
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What Can I Do Ahead of Meet The Teacher?

There are a few items you can take care of before Meet the Teacher. Below is a list of items that you can take car of before Meet the Teacher on Thursday (July 29).

  • Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Kindercare & ASC Registration
  • District Bus Transportation Form
  • Pay Annual Student Technology Free - My School Bucks
  • Pre-order DES 21-22 Yearbook - My School Bucks
Free and Reduced Lunch Form

We encourage all families to complete this Free and Reduced Lunch Form.

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DES Kindercare & ASC Registration 21-22

Click here or scan the QR code above to register for our Kindercare or After School Care porgrams.

Kindercare & ASC Tuition and Fees 21-22

You can view all fees for Kindercare & ASC in this document.

District Bus Transportation Form

This form must be completed if your child will need bus transportation. Our district office bus transportation department uses this information to establish routes.

My School Bucks

My School Bucks allows you to pay your Tech It Home fee, purchase yearbooks, and more.

School Supply Lists 2021-22

This document contains the list of school supplies for each grade level.

May I Walk My Child Into School?

We understand that if your child is new to DES or a PreK, Kindergarten, or 1st-grade student you wish to walk your child to class on the first day. Below is the guidance for walking your child to class.

  • PreK (3K and or 4K) parents may walk students to class from August 3-6 and August 9 &10.
  • Kindergarten parents may walk students to class from August 3-6.
  • First grade and new to DES parents may walk students to class on the first day.

If you plan to walk your child to class, you will need to park in the front parking lot and use the cross walk at the front of the school. Our staff will then guide or assist you where to go.

DES Calendar of Events 2021-2022

This is a calendar with all of the major events that parents would need to know. We have a separate Google Calendar that has all of these events as well as dates for PLCs, Faculty Meeting, and other events that only pertain to staff.

What's New?

Sensory Walk In Place

Check out the NEW Sensory Walk on our PreK-K5 Hall! We are so excited and can't wait to see children using it this year! Thank you to Tiffany Owens for printing the vinyl and to Christy Holder for putting it down for us.

Miss Hardin is our 2021 - 2022 Teacher of the Year!

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Nurse Trish is our 2021-22 Support Employee of the Year!

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NEW National Suicide Prevention Hotline Approved

This new 3 digit number was approved Thursday. This increases accessibility and reduces the stigma of utilizing mental health services.
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